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PLR products are rapidly increasing in popularity. Many individuals are seen as a relatively easy way to make money online and they are. When you buy a product in private label rights , as an e -book, you earn the right to alter this e-book , add your name as the author , and sell a new product. You sell a product that you have not created from scratch . The purchase, re-branding and selling PLR products is not only a clean concept , it is also a gold mine. If you play your cards right, the opportunity to earn money online can replace your current full-time income and then some !

The first step to make money with PLR e- books is to buy them . Many websites and individuals sell . When you make your choice, consider your initial investment. Single purchase PLR e-books is nice, but you may end up paying more . Subscription -based services tend to give you access to new private label rights e -books every few months . You should receive a discount when buying in bulk. Your initial investment is important. The less you spend, the easier and faster it is to make profits .

The next important step in taking advantage of the re-branding and reselling PLR e- books is to determine your sales methods . Fortunately, you have many options . Most of creating a sales page . To do this, the purchase of a name of cheap and small web hosting packages domain . Good sales pages are made of eye-catching graphics , chapter summaries , extracts of content, and customer testimonials . You also have the possibility of doing business with a third party website such as . These sites are already established with the traffic, but they take a percentage of your sales. If you want to keep more profits, create your own sales page .

As previously stated , good sales pages are extracted contents of the book , chapter summaries , opinions and catchy graphics . Unfortunately, this is not enough. There are millions of websites and thousands of other comparable sales pages and e-books . To increase your profits , you should know your sales page . Just because you put a product to sell online , it does not mean it will sell . Yes, some people find your e -book through an Internet search , but relying on only limit you.

Now you know the importance of scoring a PLR e -book you re-brand and sell , but what are your marketing options ?

Google AdWords . This program is easy , affordable and a wise choice of marketing. So you have a sales page where your e- book is sold. To generate traffic to that page, create a Google AdWords account. You are able to create your own advertising. Along with this, you choose keywords . These keywords are very important. You sell an eBook, but also thousands of others. You can use the term e-book, but develop from there . Great examples include e -books for sale , the debt consolidation e-books , etc. . Focus on the general topic of e -books for sale , and then the theme or topic of your book cover .

Which is ideal on Google AdWords is cost. You can set a budget. If you are a beginner, set your limit to $ 200. You only pay when someone clicks on your ads, not every time they appear on a Web site. This not only saves you money, but also ensures that your money is spent wisely. If you set a budget , your ads stop appearing automatically after $ 200.

Article directories . Article directories are zines were content based on the user is presented . To capitalize on this free publicity, create articles . Write articles related to the product in question. If you sell a book how to do internet marketing, share some tips in the articles, but let your readers coming back . Put a link to your sales page at the end of each article. More importantly, the articles submitted to the directories grow. Usage rights are given to others. A blog writer can take your article and post it on their website , but they must leave your name and links intact . A few days later , one of your articles can spread through the Internet , which leads to more sales and income.

Mentioned above are just two marketing ideas to sell a re-branded PLR e-book. Think outside the box. Market your products online , locally, via message boards, start an affiliate program , and so on . In fact , the possibilities are endless.

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